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Welcome to Katalyst Konbit, the Entrepreneurship Development Program laying the foundation for Haitian entrepreneurs. We are a small team of like-minded and determined entrepreneurs, all sharing a vision to Konbit for Haiti. We believe focusing on evolving the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Haiti it will lead to long-term economic growth, job creation, and a strong collaborative work environment. Would you like to find out more? Explore our website today.


Mobilize. Evolve. Grow

Katalyst Konbit is an entrepreneurship development program invigorating Haiti’s entrepreneurial ecosystem and startup community, by offering a startup development program, Bootcamp and magazine for Haitian entrepreneurs to develop their startups, be highlighted and informed. Founded by Mackendy Blanc, a member of the Haitian diaspora community living in Boulder, Colorado, to provide Haitian entrepreneurs and innovators with a supportive network, startup development training, a reliable workspace and entrepreneurial formative content.


We built Katalyst Konbit to tackle the entrepreneurial struggles facing Haitian entrepreneurs and innovators. We believe startup, innovation, and entrepreneurship is the catalyst for Haiti's long-term economic growth, job creation, and transformation through Konbit. Why not join our team to Konbit with us. Get in touch today to learn more about the Katalyst Konbit story.


Startup Development Program, Startup Bootcamp, and Defi Magazine

At Katalyst Konbit, we believe entrepreneurship and innovation is the alternative that can alleviate Haiti out of poverty. That is why we focus on mobilizing Haitian entrepreneurs and innovators to become a catalyst in their own entrepreneurial journey through our startup development program, Bootcamp, and magazine.

  1. Implementing our SDP 34-week-long curriculum in the Zel program, an entrepreneurship development program that will provide 20 early-stage entrepreneurs (ESE) a reliable workspace, business training, and a supportive network.

  2. Startup Bootcamp gives idea-stage entrepreneurs the opportunity to experience different element of our SDP Curriculum, and with a step-by-step methodology to rapidly and systematically validate their ventures business model.

  3. Defi magazine highlights the resources and opportunities that are currently being offered within the Haitian entrepreneurial community, shares success stories of entrepreneurs, and provides business, finance and operational tips.

In Haiti we say “Konbit”, it is the practice and process of having everyone come together and
work when work needs to be done. Working together to accomplish a thing and sending
everyone home with a share.

Konbit, Haitian Proverb




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